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Its odd how many of us have had night-time dreams and even day time dreams and yet have not stopped to recognize their potential to give us life changing insights.

A dream that awoke me to the incredible wisdom and insight of these inner world experiences came to me one time in my mid-twenties when I inexplicably developed a pain in the middle of my back that was so bad that it threatened my ability to do my job. I had gone to several doctors, traditional and non-traditional but had found little relief. In a panic I inwardly called out to the universe for help. Shortly thereafter I had a dream. In the dream a beautiful woman in a flowing gown came up to me and hugged me, placing her hands on the middle of my back. As she gently squeezed I winced in pain where upon she stopped and said “Oh, I see you are still drinking coffee”. The next morning I awoke with this dream recall wondering how coffee could affect my back. Yet I was desperate and so I stopped drinking coffee. Within a week the pain was gone. I was shocked. A month later however I began to talk myself into believing that this whole thing was a coincidence and experimented by drinking coffee again. Within a day the pain was back. There was now no denying the validity of the advice I had got from my dream. It had not only saved me much pain but possibly my job.

But how could this be?

Since then I have found that writing down a dream to be an amazingly simple way to dramatically improve my recollection and understanding of a dream’s message. An example that highlighted the benefit of writing a dream down came to me after having gone through a time of some traumatic experiences that had left me emotionally bruised and battered. In the dream I was getting into the back seat of a car I recognized as a Plymouth Horizon. The color of the car was gold. The image meant nothing to me until I wrote in my journal the words “I am entering a golden horizon”. I froze, immediately recognizing that the dream was painting a picture of a new chapter of life that I was approaching. It signaled the end of a Dark Night of Soul that I had been going through and the Golden Horizon I was now entering.

I smiled to myself with excitement as I marveled at the poetic beauty and directness of the dream’s language and vowed to pay more attention to these inner messages.

Yet as the years went by and my dream journals piled up I began to long for a better way to collect the these dreams and the insights I had gained from them. Often new insights to dreams in the past would come to me like finding a lost puzzle piece under a sofa cushion. Yet finding where the old dream was documented was often difficult. Searching online for a technical tool revealed only primitive tools to assist one in the storing, interpreting and understanding of the unique language of one’s own personal night-time dreams.

It seemed I would have to build my own tool.

In the past I had found that having another dreamer’s help while I endeavored to understand my dreams often brought out new insights and made the whole experience more enjoyable and a wonderful social event. So it was important to me to make this tool useful to other dreamers so it would become a platform where dreamers could help other dreamers.

And thus was born

A place to record and interpret your dreams as well as build up your own Dream Dictionary of Symbols unique to you. A place where you can meet other dreamers at regularly scheduled dream webinars via ZOOM or other technologies to work on your dreams in groups of 2, 3 or 4 people. A place to learn and participate in dream workshops from dream interpretation specialists.

The site will get you started interpreting your dreams with a set of easy questions you can use alone or with others to interpret a dream. The goal always to get meaningful and actionable insights into yourself so as to manage your day to day life better all the while keeping them private to yourself.

This life can be an adventure. There are sign posts along the way that can guide you. All it takes is for you to slow down enough to read them.


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